Mogens Balle

Mogens Balle (Copenhagen 1921 – Kalundborg 1988) was a Danish painter, sculpture and writer. Born and raised in Copenhagen Mogens Balle started his education to become a architect but decided to focus on the visual arts instead.
In 1946 he traveled to Paris where he met fellow Danish artists Asger Jorn and Wilhelm Freddie. His connection with the group “Spiralen” and his acquaintance with Asger Jorn had a decisive influence on his development.
Jorn introduced Balle to the international artistmovement “CoBra”. During the later years of the 1940’s Balle’s style evoled from naturalistic to his personal style characterized by abstract, colouristic tendencies, combined with figure associations.
From the early 1960 onwards his work became increasingly abstract losing the figurarative associations. Also in the 1960’s Balle made his first sculptures and experimented with peinture-mots, works in which he combined words and image.
Mogens Balle work is part of the collections of many International Museums like The Cobra-Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Art, KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art and Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée among others.
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