Juul Neumann – untitled, 1960 – oil on canvas, profesionally framed


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An untitled original oilpainting on canvas. Painted by the Dutch artist Juul Neumann in December 1960. Signed and dated by the artist (front, bottom left). Professionally framed.

About Juul Neumann

Juul Neumann (Amsterdam  1919 – s.p. 1997) was a Dutch painter. Born in 1919, financial constraints prevented him from attending the Rijksacademie after secondary school, but he sought his artistic path through drawing lessons with artist Ger Gerrits. His painting style was initially influenced by Cubism, especially the work of Braque. Neumann was actively involved in art groups such as Vrij Beelden, Creatie and later the Liga Nieuwe Beelden.

After World War II, Juul Neumann started creating abstract oil paintings, and from 1949 he called his works ‘compositions’ and labeled them with numbers. His art was characterised by geometric design and the limited use of colours, mainly primary colours combined with black, grey and white. He actively participated in numerous exhibitions and joined artist associations such as The Independents.

After graduating in 1936, Neumann took weekly art classes with Ger Gerrits, where he came into contact with artists such as Harry van Kruiningen. During the war, he shared a studio with Berend Hendriks, where he made his first paintings. In 1946, he joined De Onafhankelijken and participated in exhibitions of Vrij Beelden, Creatie and the Liga Vrij Beelden with abstract oil paint.

From 1949, he called his works compositions and started numbering them. His signature style included a limited colour palette and geometric shapes. Between 1955 and 1960, he exhibited at the Liga Nieuw Beelden, where he was a board member until 1969. In the 1960s, he experimented with a more free-spirited abstract style, inspired by landscapes and cityscapes, but later returned to his strict geometric form language. Juul Neumann left a rich legacy in the Dutch art scene.


Signed and dated by the artist (front, bottom left)


Good original condition, professionally framed.


Klasema Fine Art


Height 46 cm
Width 51 cm

Height 60 cm
Width 67 cm
Depth 3,5 cm

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