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Carl-Henning Pedersen (Copenhagen, Denmark 1913 - Frederiksberg, Denmark 2007)  Was on of the most influential post war artists in Denmark. He was a prominent member of the CoBrA art movement. Pedersen's artworks are characterized by the representation of a mythological world in which recurring creatures can be recognized like birds and horses.  In his work he used experimental forms and fluid lines.  In 1950 there was a retrospective of his work in Copenhagen, followed by several solo and group exhibitions.  His work was shown on the Venice Biennale of 1962, twice in New York City (1973 and 1976). In 1976 a dedicated museum was opened for his work in Herning Denmark.


Carl-Henning Pedersen  "Red and Yellow bird", 1939 - chalk drawing on paper, framed. The work is signed and dated (1939) and is in very good condition.

Price including VAT:  upon request

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