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A small silver makeup-box decorated with bats and a peach, Qing Dynasty, China ca. 1880

A small Chinese silver makeup-box decorated with bats and a peach. These silver boxed became highly popular in court culture during the Qing dynasty. This box is fitted with 3 compartments (for various kind of cosmetics) and has a hinged lit. On the hinge is another bat, that hangs upside down. This also has deeper meaning. The Chinese phrase of “upside down” (Dao) sounds similar to “has arrived” (Dao) again an homonym. That way the combined symbols – Fú, Tao and Dao – on this box are to be interpreted that lifelong happiness has arrived, making it a talisman, wishing the holder a long life of happiness.

The silver box bears a stamped unidentified mark. On the sides it bears an engraved frieze of stylized leaves and flowers It’s most likely made in the 2nd half of the 19th century.

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