Timo Sarpaneva - A freeblown crystal art-object "Claritas" - Iittala, Finland 1997

Timo Sarpaneva - A freeblown crystal art-object "Claritas" - Iittala, Finland 1997

A freeblown clear, white and black coloured crystal Art-object / sculpture “Claritas”. Designed by famous Finnish artist Timo Sarpaneva in 1983-1984 and executed by Iittala glassworks in 1997.

This beautiful art object is part of the “Claritas” series initiated by Sarpaneva late 1983 – early 1984. It is skillfully crafted from clear, black and opal glass through blowing, cutting, and polishing techniques.

Each “Claritas” piece is unique, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of the glass blowers at Iittala. Interestingly, the Claritas objects were created without the use of molds, emphasizing the artisans’ expertise.

The larger versions of the Claritas collection are notably substantial and were developed collaboratively by Timo Sarpaneva and the glassblowers. Creating Claritas required a versatile technique and above-average skill in the finishing work.

This particular “Claritas” is fully marked underneath the base in diamondpen: Timo Sarpaneva 121 / 1997 and is in very good condition.

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About Timo Sarpaneva

Timo Sarpaneva (Helsinki, Finland 1926 – Helsinki, Finland 2006) was a prominent Finnish designer and artist celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions to glass and industrial design.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Sarpaneva displayed an early aptitude for artistic expression. After studying at the Central School of Industrial Arts and Design in Helsinki, he embarked on a remarkable career that spanned over five decades.

Sarpaneva’s innovative designs revolutionized the field of glass art. He explored new techniques and pushed the boundaries of traditional glassmaking, fusing artistry with functionality. His iconic art glass garnered international acclaim for their sleek lines, organic forms, and masterful use of color.

Beyond glass, Sarpaneva made significant contributions to industrial design, creating iconic pieces such as the “Finlandia” range of stainless steel cutlery and the “Karhula-Iittala” series of ceramic tableware. His designs combined functionality with a distinctive aesthetic, embodying the spirit of Finnish design.

Sarpaneva’s work earned him numerous awards and accolades, including the Lunning Prize, the Pro Finlandia medal, and the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale. He collaborated with renowned companies and institutions worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the design world.

Works by his hand are held by numerous musea in the world; among others: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Det Dansk Kunstindustrimuseum, Copenhagen; Designmuseo, Helsinki, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Nationalmuseum, Stockholm and The Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

Marked and dated in diamondpen underneath the base: Timo Sarpaneva 121 / 1997

Timo Sarpaneva - Large size crystal Art-Object "Claritas" - Iittala, Finland 1997

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