Joop Vreugdenhil – Abstract composition, 1968 – collage on paper, professionally framed, museumglass


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An original artwork, collage on paper, by the Dutch artist Joop Vreugdenhil. Created in 1968 and signed by the artist. Professionally framed, museumglass.


About Joop Vreugdenhil

Johannes (Joop) Vreugdenhil (The Hague 1904 – s.p. 1969) was a talented Dutch painter, draughtsman, and lithographer. He underwent his artistic training at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where he was taught by Henk Meijer. He spent part of his training in France, which would influence his later artworks.

After World War II, Vreugdenhil initially painted in an expressionist style, focusing on figurative representations. However, in the 1960’s he took a striking turn in his artistic trajectory, focusing entirely on creating geometrically abstract compositions. His focus was on achieving a harmonious arrangement of the rectangular elements he used to build his compositions. This creative process involved careful considerations of dimensions, interrelationships, shape, and colour, with the aim of achieving a balanced composition.
During his career, Joop Vreugdenhil made many trips to France, which broadened his artistic horizons. He became a member of The Hague “Posthoorn Groep” from 1956 to 1962 and was also affiliated to Pulchri Studio. His artworks are included in the Rijkscollectie, testifying to the recognition and appreciation of his contribution to the Dutch art scene.

Joop Vreugdenhil died on 28 April 1969, but his artistic legacy lives on. His artworks, which initially reflected an expressive expressionism and later evolved into more geometric abstract work, testify to his constant search for the perfect balance and harmony between shapes and colours. As a member of the New Hague School, Joop Vreugdenhil had a lasting influence on the art scene and his contribution to art history is still recognised and appreciated.


Signed and dated (front, bottom, right)


Good original condition. Some small undulations in the supporting paper


Klasema Art


Height 60 cm
Width 50 cm

Height 80 cm
Width 67 cm
Depth 4 cm

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