Vicke Lindstrand

Vicke (Viktor Emanuel) Lindstrand (Gotheborg, Sweden 1904 – Kosta, Sweden 1983) was a prominent Swedish glass designer and artist.


He received his education at the Technical School for Glass and Ceramics and went on to work as an artistic director at the Swedish glass company Orrefors. Throughout his career, Lindstrand developed a reputation as one of Sweden’s most talented glass designers, known for his innovative use of traditional glassblowing techniques and his ability to create pieces that were both aesthetic and functional.


One of Lindstrand’s most famous designs is the series of vases that he created for Orrefors in the 1930s. These vases are known for their simple yet elegant shapes, and their use of bright, vibrant colours. They were unlike anything that had been seen before in the glassware industry, and helped to establish Orrefors as a leader in the Scandinavian design movement. Lindstrand’s work was highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts, and his pieces are still considered to be some of the most important examples of 20th-century Swedish glass design.
Throughout his career, Lindstrand received numerous awards and honors for his work. He was a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden, and his work was exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.

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