Nils Thorsson

Nils Johan Thorvald Thorsson (Eslöv, Sweden 1898 – Copenhagen 1975) was a Danish ceramic artist and designer, best known for his work with the Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory.
Thorsson showed an early interest in art and ceramics. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and later worked as a painter before joining Royal Copenhagen in 1928.


Thorsson’s career at Royal Copenhagen spanned several decades, and he played a significant role in the development of the company’s artistic direction. He became the artistic director of Royal Copenhagen in 1949, a position he held until 1975. During his tenure, he contributed to the design of numerous iconic pieces, including his well-known Baca and Marselis collections.
Nils Thorsson was known for his innovative approach to ceramics, experimenting with glazes, forms, and decorations. His designs often combined traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, reflecting the mid-century modern style prevalent during his era.
In addition to his work at Royal Copenhagen, Thorsson also collaborated with other Danish ceramic companies, such as Aluminia, where he created the popular Tenera series.


Nils Thorsson’s contributions to the world of ceramics earned him recognition and acclaim. His pieces are collected by enthusiasts and are considered valuable examples of mid-century Danish design. Nils Thorsson passed away in 1975, leaving behind a legacy of innovative and influential ceramic art.


Works by Nils Thorsson are in the collections of the Art Industry Museum in Copenhagen, The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the National Museum in Stockholm and the Ceramics Museum in Faenza among other.

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