Nils Landberg

Nils Landberg (1907 Vingåker – 1991 Orrefors) was a notable figure in Swedish glass design , best known for his crations at the Orrefors glass works.
Landberg’s artistic journey began in the 1920’s when he enrolled in the graphic arts programme at the Slöjdföreningens skola in Gothenburg. During his education, Landberg demonstrated exceptional talent and a keen interest in glass design. He was particularly drawn to the art of glassblowing and glass sculpting, where he could explore the interplay of light, colour, and form within this versatile medium. In 1925 Landberg start working at the engraving school in Orrefors on the recommendation of the teaching staff of the Slöjdföreningens skola.
Landberg’s artistic vision was characterized by a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design aesthetics. He drew inspiration from nature, architecture, and Scandinavian folklore, infusing his creations with a sense of timeless beauty and elegance.
One of Landberg’s most iconic contributions was his series of sculptural glass vessels characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and subtle hues. His meticulous attention to detail and innovative use of glassblowing techniques set his work apart and earned him acclaim both nationally and internationally.
Throughout his career, Landberg received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the field of glass artistry. His work has been exhibited in  the 1937 Paris Exhibition and the 1939 New York World fair. In 1957 he won a Gold Medal at the Triennale di Milano.  His work is represented at many international musea, among others: National Museum, Stockholm; British Museum, Londen and MoMa, New York City.

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