Park Sae-Bo - Ecriture, lithograph on Arches paper 1988


Park Seo-Bo (1931 Yecheon County, South Korea - ) is a Korean contemporary artist, part of the first generation of modern artists in South Korea.

He is widely considered the godfather of the Tansaekwa movement. Tansaekhwa means ‘monochrome painting’ in Korean and was used by the critic Lee Yil in 1980 to refer to a group of largely non-figurative paintings painted in neutral hues.

Promoted in Seoul, Tokyo, and Paris, Tansaekhwa grew to be the international face of contemporary Korean art and a cornerstone of contemporary Asian art.

Park is best known for his “Ecriture” series of paintings. First begun in the late 1960s, the ‘Ecriture’ series are inextricably linked to notions of time, space and material, concepts which underpin all of the artist’s work.


“Ecriture”, 1988. Lithograph on Arches paper. Signed, dated and numbered (210/300) by the Park Seo-Bo in pencil. Professionally framed in black lacquered and bronze painted frame to match the artwork.

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Published by the XXIVth Olympic Games Committee, Seoul, South Korea 1988. Edition of 300.

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