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With my company Van Kerkhoff Art I specialise in Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian Modern Art & Design. My trade collection consists of Art Glass, Fine Art, Ceramics, Vintage Furniture, Modernist Silver and Design Lighting. As a independent Art Consultant I help my clients select, buy or sell art and design. My core values: customisation, discretion and personal service. We are based in the beautiful artists' village of Oosterbeek where I would be pleased to welcome you for a personal introductory meeting.

Gijs van Kerkhoff MA

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Kaj Franck - A glass Art-object "Prisma", model KF 215.

My mission

My mission is to build a relationship with my clients with a passion for art, personal attention and expertise. As a graduated historian with work experience at auction houses, I had the privilege of advising and guiding numerous private clients during 16 years as advisor at Van Lanschot Ars Mundi. In the process, I built up an extensive network in the art world. With my company Van Kerkhoff Art, I return to my first love: art. My core values: customisation, discretion and personal service. My base of operations is the beautiful village of Oosterbeek, where I am happy to welcome you for a personal introductory meeting.

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Tapio Wirkkala - "Suokurppa", a sculpture of a bird on a glass stand - model TW 513


The arts market has seen several years of strong growth, with international revenues approaching 45 billion dollars. Thanks to internet and social media, the arts market is more approachable than ever. At the same time it’s still largely unregulated and wholly untransparent. How to find your way? How to avoid buying counterfeit or even stolen art? How to make sure you’re paying the right price? Which markets segments should you concentrate on? An Art Consultant can help you find an answer.
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Maurice Estève (1904 Culan - 2001 Culan) was a largely self-taught French painter. Born in the small town Culan in the Val de Loire, he moved to Paris with his parents in 1913, where he began his education as an artist. He attended the free studio of the Académie Colarossi in 1924 and developed a style inspired by the French Cubist painters Georges Braque and Fernand Léger.

"Bank Street", 1967. Colour lithograph on Arches paper. Signed and numbered (76/125) by the artist in pencil. This print is part of an edition of 140 (125 + XV EA), published by Atelier Mourlot Ltd (New York) and printed by Mourlot in Paris.

Price including VAT: € 1750       

A selection from our collection:

Mogens Balle – Composition,1967 – oil on canvas, framed

Tapio Wirkkala – A rare Sterling silver vase, model TW226, Handmade to Order – Kultakeskus, Finland 1971

Simon P. Henningsen – Vintage “Divan II” pendant – Lyfa, Denmark circa 1970

Timo Sarpaneva – A rare “Hiiden Helmi” or “Devil’s Pearl” – Iittala, Finland 1956

Timo Sarpaneva – A rare large sized “Hiiden Kehto” or “Giant’s Cradle” – Iittala, Finland 1956

Willy Boers – Untitled, 1953 – Gouache on paper, professionally framed, museumglass

Kaj Franck – Grey-green glass art-object, model KF296 – Nuutajärvi-Notsjö Finland 1965

Willem Hussem – Untitled, circa 1960 – Gouache on paper, framed

Kaj Franck – Two clear and black glass art-objects “Kastanja” (Chestnut), model KF211 – Nuutajärvi-Notsjö Finland circa 1965

Tapio Wirkkala – A crystal Art-object Model 3561 – Iittala Finland circa 1955

Mogens Balle – Composition (figures) circa 1958 – oil on canvas, framed

Kaj Franck – A pair “Usva” or “Mist” glassart-objects, model KF106 – Nuutajärvi-Notsjö Finland 1950’s

Kaj Franck – A grey-green cased glass Art-Object, Model KF260- Nuutajärvi-Notsjö, Finland 1962

Kaj Franck – A largest size “Usva” or “Mist” glassart-object, model KF106 – Nuutajärvi-Notsjö Finland 1960

Pieter de Haard – “Gulden Vierkant” (Golden Square) 1947 – Tempera on board

Simon P. Henningsen – “Casablanca” or “Kassablanka” pendant – Lyfa, Denmark circa 1970

Timo Sarpaneva – A pair of silver candlesticks in original box – Hopeatehdas Finland 1961

Sakari Pykälä – A unique handcarved pinewood dish – Finland circa 1960

Pieter de Haard – “Untitled” 1972 – Oil on canvas

Tapio Wirkkala – A Neosin coloured glass art-object / dish, Model 3320 – Iittala, Finland circa 1967

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