Yrjö Kukkapuro

Yrjö Kukkapuro (1933 Viipuri, Finland – ), was born on 6 April 1933 in Viipuri, Finland, is a renowned contemporary Finnish designer and architect known worldwide for his pioneering contributions to modern furniture design.
After studying architecture at the University of Helsinki, Kukkapuro began his career as a designer in the early 1950s. His interest in creating furniture that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also embraced comfort and ergonomics soon became evident in his work. In the 1950s, he began developing fibreglass furniture, a path that led to his iconic Karuselli Lounge Chair.
The culmination of his creative work, the Karuselli, emerged from extensive experimental work and sculptural efforts over several years. The design, inspired by the human body, revolutionised the way people looked at chair designs and established his name as a visionary in the design world.
Kukkapuro’s contributions to the Finnish and international design community are numerous. His work combines functionality with artistic expression, striving for the perfect balance between form and function. Besides the Karuselli, he has a wide range of other furniture designs and architectural projects to his credit.
Throughout his career, Yrjö Kukkapuro has received numerous accolades for his contributions to design, including honorary doctorates and prestigious awards. His work has been exhibited in leading design museums around the world, and his influence on contemporary design continues to be felt.

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