Per Lütken - Unique freeblown multicolored glass art-object - Holmegaard Denmark 1974

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Per Lütken (1916 - 1998) was a Danish designer and glassmaker, most known for his work for the Holmegaard glassworks.

He received his education at the Jens Møller-Jensen's  Handelshøjskole between 1932-38. A few years aftrer graduation he started working for the Holmegaard glassworks and continued working there until the year of his death.

During his long career at Holmegaard he made a big impact on both the designs and quality of the produced art-glass. He was known for his perfectionism and demanded outstanding craftmanship from his glassblowers.

Per Lütken designed more than 3,000 different glass objects. His ingenuity and respect for the trade have made him one of the world's foremost and prolific glass designers.

Per Lütken participated with Holmegaard in many design exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, just as his designs are represented in museums all over the world - including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the British Museum in London.


Unique freeblown multicolored glass Art-object with marble effect in the base.

This art-object was designed by Lütken and excecuted by the Holmegaard glassworks in Denmark in 1974.

It's fully marked underneath the base in diamondpen: Holmegaard PL (monogram) 1974.

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Holmegaard glassworks, Denmark 1974


This art-object is in good condition, some scratches underneath the base consistent with age and use.


Holmegaard PL monogram (Per Lütken) 1974 in diamondpen underneath the base.


H. 16 cm

Diam. 31.5 cm

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